Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Where Have I Been All Your Life?
Is the Question You Asked Me!

I could not come into your life until you had finally realized that true love and sexual expression are two totally different things.
I could not come into your life until you were anchored in wisdom and in truth and could truly discern what true love is.
I could not come into your life or be the fulfillment of your dreams until the seductions of life had lost their appeal and the realization of what true relationship is had exploded in your mind.
I could not come into your life until you were willing to walk miles if you had to in your bare feet to find me, sacrifice the most expensive thing you own because now you realized that no material thing alone will ever fulfill you without love being present in your life.
I could not come until you were absolutely sure who you were and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that when God made you, you were not a mistake or an accident and that there is no flaw in any of His Creations because, "God doeth all things well."
It wasn't that He was unwilling to answer or give me the true desire of my heart (and that was someone like you) but I too had to evolve to a place of readiness before my gift could manifest -- before you could walk into my life.

It is true, I longed for your love all my life  and prayed for you fervently more times than you could ever know, bombarding heaven with my request so many times until it is surprising that the Angels did not put me out of God's
throne room!
There were seemingly endless days that I thought I would not last because I needed you so and you were nowhere to be found; so I allowed myself to be only partially fulfilled by others with selfish motives because I longed for the touch of a human hand and the need for intimacy was so strong.
There are so many, "I'm sorry God for not listening, not waiting, not being still and running ahead because of my impatience," I want to say to Him!

When I fell at His feet out of guilt and condemnation for my stupid mistakes and unwillingness to wait, He lifted me and beside Him you were standing.
When I saw you, I thought "Who is this? Why is he standing there? And then you spoke (while He said nothing, only with a smile of approval on His face) and the sound of your voice resonated in my spirit like a melody heard years ago, a song I was certain I had sung before, but not really.

When I thought about what I was hearing I realized that I had heard the melody years ago in a dream as a child and every since then I have searched the whole world over, year after year trying to find the written music but never could, only generic versions.
Now the melody rings in my ear as a confirmation to my heart and I am afraid that perhaps I have made too many mistakes, wondered too far away from the dream, am no longer worthy to receive it, though I desire it so!
The Lord would say to me "All are worthy!" But though He has forgiven me still my heart weeps because now I am ready, my mind is mature but I must know that the one who loves me back truly loves me because perfect love and only perfect love can cast out fear.
I need to know that the person in whose eyes I peer into will see that inside of this resilient man is a childlike spirit, beautiful and untainted by life who still dreams, still is fascinated with the beauty of creation, is in love with the Gentle Savior, ambitious, creative, yet admittedly a little weary of life!
Now time is fleeing from me, and fleeing from you (even though you may not be aware) like an hour glass now empty, not because we have done anything wrong, but because God has a divine plan for all of humanity that must unfold in order to restore His creation to its former state of perfection.
No more time for you or I to waste searching, hoping dreaming, looking, waiting...
We must take hold of the dream, realize that there is a price to pay for owning it, and never forsake it when we don't agree because Iron sharpens Iron and our imperfections might cause us to clash at times but if we run away from each other we will never come to understand that those same imperfections are invested with a supernatural power to perfect our love!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Now that you are no longer imprisoned behind walls of concrete and cold steel, now that you are no longer confined within a small squalid cell, now that you no longer live under the constant threat of murderous inmate violence and lockdowns, and no longer have to survive and subsist on bad tasting prison food, what will you do? Now that you have been granted the privilege of rejoining society and once more able to savor the sweet heady nectar of freedom, all we want to know is, will you keep The Promise of   Love you made to us?

The Promise of Love was the vow you made to us when you promised to turn from your former self-destructive ways. You promised to renounce them, reject them and repudiate them for the rest of your life! You made this promise to us because you said you loved us and truly cared for us. You vowed to cause us no further pain and disappointment, and that you would prove worthy of our trust. You pledged this Promise of Love to us, whom you said were the most important people in your life. This group encompasses God, family, friends, lovers, spouses, life partners and any others who entered into a emotionally intimate relationship with you. So now that you are free, we ask you, we challenge you, and without any remorse or shame, we beseech you to redeem this Promise of Love you made to us.

Because if you do, you will gain a world complete and replete with love, opportunity, and wonder. Conversely, if you fail to keep your Promise of Love, not only will you surely return to prison, but you run the real risk of ruining and terminating many of the supportive loving relationships of which you have been richly blessed!

Firstly, never forget for one moment that you, indeed, have truly been richly blessed...especially by God! God was the one who watched over you during your incarceration. He was the one who protected you from hurt, harm, and danger. God dried your tears, calmed your fears, assuaged your myriad insecurities, and gave you favor from the people whose benevolence you needed the most. God was there in your darkest moments of loneliness and doubt and demonstrated to you such unconditional love that you pledged to Him first, your Promise of Love. Of all the important relationships you possess in this life, treasure this one the most! NEVER take this one for granted because just as God granted you your freedom again, He can surely take it away! For was it not declared in the Bible that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." So we urge you to be wise and keep your Promise of Love that you made to Him.

Secondly, keep your Promise of Love to your friends, family, and loved ones. They have suffered much from your incarceration. They have been deprived of your presence, your hugs, your kisses, your loving embraces, and financial support. Because of you, they have been locked into emotional prisons of their own. When the steel doors closed upon you, so did their sentence of pain and emotional confinement begin. They could have easily mitigated their own hurt by denouncing and renouncing you. And some probably did, but the ones who did not, were the ones who truly loved you. They knew that to continue to love you would subject them to much pain, hurt, emotional and financial sacrifice. But they did not shirk nor shrink from this onerous task because they truly loved you and true love is made perfect through self-sacrifice. Make sure you are worthy of their sacrifice. Keep your Promise of Love to them!


President Barack Obama's State of the Union address was informative, impartial, bipartisan, caring and demonstrated a genuine concern for the people who elected him to office and even those who didn't.There is no doubt in my mind that he is a man of integrity and is doing everything humanly possible to better the living conditions of all Americans.  Imagine what we could do if instead of attacking him and hurling unfair accusations at him, we responded favorably by coming to his aid by using our gifts, talents, resources, and genius abilities to solve the problems that plague our great nation. Instead, we waste valuable time, millions of tax  dollars and vital energy trying to demean him, to destroy his vision and one another through character assassination. Every elected official was sent to Washington, DC, not only to represent the will of the people but to ensure that government truly benefits the people; and this can only be accomplished by working together. When Jesus was maturing into manhood he said these inspiring words: "I must be about my Father's business (LK. 2:49)."  Perhaps it is time that our Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen be about the Father's business as well, by doing what is truly best for the people and not just what is politically profitable for their individual parties, influential lobbyists, and the ultra rich.
Terry Angel Mason, Global Author


(A Global Campaign to Save Lives!)

About a year ago I released my first book, entitled: Love Won't Let Me Be Silent. I still remember how excited I was about releasing the book; not just because it was my first, but because I knew that every word from cover to cover was divinely inspired and all I could think about was the countless lives that I knew the book would save. I was also relieved that hundreds, if not thousands of kids wouldn't be thrown out into the streets and estranged from parents after their guardians, friends and extended family members would read the book! As days, weeks, and months went by, it wasn't long before my mailbox was flooded with emails from parents of gay teens and same-gender-loving people of all ages, genders and ethnicities from all over the world, telling me how my book had dramatically changed their perceptions and even saved many of their lives. An added bonus was that distributors from all over the world began to pick my book up and distribute it like it was hotcakes on every continent, something I could never have anticipated or dreamed would happen! For days I walked around somewhat dazed, walking 10 feet above the ground because I couldn't wrap my brain around what was happening to me and how fast my life was changing. I went from being an unknown author to an internationally acclaimed author, literally overnight, with a book that had been nominated for more literary awards than one could imagine.
Now before you prejudge me or think that I am just bragging about my accomplishments, I plead with you for just one moment to let me explain further why I am sharing this information with you. Just yesterday, I was stunned as I read the numerous headlines on the internet and in print about the six gay youths who had committed suicide this year, and believe me when I say; this is only the tip of the iceberg! Some ended their lives because of bullying (now a national epidemic), while one college student leapt from a bridge, killing himself after his roommate and friend streamed a video of him having sex with someone privately on the internet without his knowing or consent. Just to be very honest with you, I have been resting and basking in the sun of the numerous political gains that same-gender-loving people have achieved recently and enjoying my own personal success. Admittedly, I lost my focus and directed my attention to my personal needs and goals, since for so long they had been neglected, especially after having garnered so much media attention and international acclaim -- FRIENDS I AM JUST BEING HONEST! This euphoria was enhanced by the fact that things appeared to be slowly getting better for the LGBT community as Federal judges in high positions of authority began eradicating unconstitutional laws all over the country that clearly discriminate against same-gender-loving people. That's when something jolting happened; I was slapped in the face by life! That's what God has to do to us sometime when our success comes seemingly effortlessly and rapidly; slap us in the face with reality so we can realize that He has blessed us for a specific purpose and reason. For those of you who are familiar with the story of Esther in the Bible, that is exactly what God had to do to her after she had been elevated to queen when the Jews were in danger of being annihilated. Listen to the words her uncle Mordecai was inspired to write to her in an urgent letter, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit: For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14 NIV) 


VIDEO LINK A MUST SEE!(The Raw Truth that Few Want to Hear)
Today is Saturday, January 8, 2011 and two weeks out of a month I devote an hour or two of my time teaching children music at my church. Even though I hate to get up early on Saturday mornings, I must admit that once I get to the rehearsal and I see the smiling faces of the children, I realize that it is worth my effort. As I was making my home from the rehearsal I kept seeing their innocent faces in my mind's eye and found myself marveling once again as I gained a deeper understanding of why the Savior loves children so very much.

After about 30 minutes or so I arrived home with a sigh of relief because I had left my house without eating breakfast and I felt as though I would be overcome by hunger pains; but before I could make my way to the kitchen I turned on the T.V. in my living room so that I could listen to the news while preparing lunch. To my horror and dismay, I discovered that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (a forty year old Democratic Senator who represents Congressional District 8 in Tucson, Arizona) and 19 others had literally been gunned down at an event (by gunman --- Jared Loughner) that Gabrielle (affectionately known as Gabby) was hosting at a nearby Safeway supermarket. The event, held outside was an opportunity for constituents to meet Congresswoman Giffords and talk about any concerns they had related to the federal government.

Chief Federal Judge, Justice John Roll (63, who had served on the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona since 1991) also in attendance, and a nine year-old child were also shot and killed along with four other unnamed victims, putting the death toll at six. 
Twenty people in total were shot and six killed, leaving Senator Gabby Giffords and 13 others clinging to life by a thread while being cared for at nearby Arizona Hospitals.
When asked by Gabby's father who was rushing to his daughter's bedside, if his daughter Gabby had any enemies, he responded by saying, "Yes, the entire Tea Party!"




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Listen to the Audio Presentation

By Terry Angel Mason

Uganda, Uganda, My Heart Weeps for You!

Uganda, Uganda, my heart weeps for you! For you kill, murder, and imprison the innocent (those who express love differently) in the name of The Righteous One, but it is clear that you do not know Him!
Like America, you label them pedophiles and child molesters, yet continue to close your eyes to the true heterosexual offenders, allowing them to continually rape your children and infect them with AIDS; men who foolishly believe that this will cure them from the pandemic.
It has been said that you freed yourself from the tyranny and oppression of a king (Mwanga) who was demented, greedy, self-serving and who defiled the people and if these things be true, then this is good! But you forgot that even though he was said to be corrupt and accused of raping the people both physically and emotionally for years, still we must judge each human being by their own conduct, character, and deeds, and not punish the innocent for another's sins.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Uganda: LGBT Activist David Kato Murdered


A vicious immoral insanity has invaded Uganda like a biblical plague, and is now eating away at her soul and festering amongst her people like a virulent malignant disease. Moreover, this plague, if not stopped, excised and exorcised from Ugandan culture, will continue to incite more political oppression, more unjustified murders and more unwarranted and illegal imprisonments. This insanity that I refer to is extreme homophobia, which has been tragically and purposely imported into the country by Right wing Christian evangelical leaders, resulting in disastrous consequences for the people of Uganda. This intolerant mindset has been eagerly and cruelly embraced by Uganda government officials, who have now codified this extreme form of homophobic genocide into their very country's constitution. 
Every disease, whether physical or spiritual is spread by a host or a carrier. Subsequently, after carefully researching the facts and events which led to this spiritual affliction and infection, we have determined the agents of this heartbreaking virus. Thusly, we name you Scott Lively, Caleb Lee Brundidge, Don Schmierer, Richard Cohen, Rev. Rick Warren and your protégé Dr. Martin Ssempa, as the primary carriers of this blighted philosophy.  Moreover, we also name Republican Senator James Inhofe as a secondary enabling agents of this vicious strain of poisonous hatred. But the major blame for being the main delivery system and introducing this toxic madness to the governmental system of Uganda, we lay at the feet of David Bahati (architect of the Bill and Member of the Ugandan Parliament and also African point man of the Washington Right Wing cabal, known as "The Family").
What is amazing about you right wing "Religious leaders" from America is your hypocrisy and misguided egos.  Moreover it is for good reason that I make the distinction of referring to you as "Religious" and not spiritual leaders because the word "Religious" denotes a fanatical devotion to doctrine and dogma which often results in zealous mindlessness and misguided actions, whereas, "Spiritual" connotes possessing an intimate relationship with the Creator, e.g.: The Holy Spirit, God, or Christ. Moreover, when we examine your historical actions, we observe no real spiritual fruit from your ministries, but instead poisonous and toxic offerings with which you have deceitfully and fraudulently passed off to the body of Christ as teachings of Christ. Consequently, for this apostasy, for this act of spiritual perversion, you have purposely sown the storm of religious fear and confusion with seeds of hatred and homophobia, and for that you shall surely reap the whirlwind of Divine Judgment!

Infected By What Some Say Is An Unforgiveable Sin and An Incurable Disease

(Embrace this truth and it will surely set you free!)

The other day while visiting a very popular website, I stumbled onto a video of a very renowned Pastor who was being interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN. In the interview, Piers asked this guest minister if he thought being gay was a sin and of course the minister responded (as most ministers do) resoundingly by answering, "YES! I DO BELIEVE THAT BEING GAY IS A SIN!" As the interview progressed, the Pastor began to explain to the host why he felt this way, yet went out of his way to point out that his church does not condemn gay people and that he believes God loves all people. For most same-gender-loving people, this type of response is nothing new, since most have heard this repetitive message all of their lives. For many, this inescapable message has been literally and indelibly seared into their hearts and conscious minds, as though by a moral laser. Because of this philosophy, multitudes have left traditional churches by the masses. Even though some overcome the deep feelings of rejection that they feel from family members, associates and friends, many still wrestle with the idea that The Creator of the universe rejects them and because He does, has condemned them to an eternity of unimaginable suffering in an abyss known to many as, "Hell."
Because I am a believer and heavily involved in several aspects of ministry at my church, it affords me the opportunity to visit numerous churches of all denominations all over the country. And to be honest with you, Sunday after Sunday, I often worry about the psychological and spiritual damage that could possibly be inflicted upon same-gender-loving people as they sing in choirs, play instruments, usher on Usher Boards, serve as Deacons, teach Sunday School and Bible Studies, Evangelize and even Minister. It greatly disturbs me that they are forced to listen to rehashed homophobic sermons proclaiming that God loves the sinner but hates the sin - with same sex attraction being at the top of the list. Being a gay man, I know this is where the problem lies. You see, for me being gay was not something I just decided to do because I wanted to defy God or revolt against the norms of society just to make a statement. Being gay for me was as natural as the color of my ebony brown skin, as natural as breathing, singing and playing the piano. So my dilemma was always how could who I am and what I am be a sin?