Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Don't Blame the President! Don't Blame the Congress! Blame Yourselves!

The Endangered Middle Class is on Life Support... and the Republicans are Poised to Pull the Plug!

When an Angel Speaks
The Endangered Middle Class is on Life Support.. and the Republicans are poised to pull the plug!
Part 1: Don't Blame the President! Don't Blame the Congress! Blame yourselves!
It is January 2012 and the insanity of the 2012 Presidential Election has begun. I believe the word "insanity" is appropriate and succinct because of the axiom which states that "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."This adage takes on an even more prophetic and nostradamean meaning when you consider that this fall, once again, the American people are going to the polls and insanely attempting to select a President to lead them out of the morass, muck and mire that has afflicted our country and symbolized its politics! I contend that "insanely" is the correct word because unless we do something different, we will not effect any meaningful change, no matter who wins the White House this fall. Moreover, that different thing that we MUST DO is pause for a moment and reflect upon our choices and the actions that WE MUST TAKE in order to save our country which is dangerously teetering on the edge of the abyss.
Firstly, we must vote according to our own self-interests. This is usually what most voters do, but in this Presidential election we must intelligently re-define what our BEST self-interest is, and because I am advocating for the endangered Middle class, I assert that the most important and critical self-interest we have is SURVIVAL! The Republican party is hell bent upon destroying us, the Endangered Middle Class. Why else would Congressional and Senatorial Republicans try to eliminate Social Security and Medicare through the Ryan Plan, in addition to killing almost every job bill that the White House has proposed. Job bills which could have added thousands if not tens of thousands of high paying jobs to a crippled economy. The Democratic Party has been feverishly attempting to resuscitate a grievously ailing national economy and the Republican Party is withholding the critical assistance needed to heal the patient. Why is this? You need only to look back upon Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's vow in 2008 when he said,
"The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."
The Elected Republican Party officials do not care about the economy because THEY HAVE MORPHED INTO THE PARTY OF THE RICH! This is why they do not worry about the Endangered Middle Class because they cannot relate to us. They don't know how hard it is to balance a shrinking paycheck against rising expenses. They don't know the pain of losing long held treasured jobs because of greedy avaricious bank initiated financial recessions. They don't lose sleep at night worrying about staving off foreclosure on their homes, despite the fact that MANY ALREADY HAVE LOST their homes! So why should The Republican Party care about us the Endangered Middle Class? The answer is THEY DON'T AND THEY WILL NEVER CARE! Why not? Because it is not in their best self-interest to do so. Period! This brings me to the crux of my argument which is this important and irrefutable fact that it is not enough to re-elect President Obama, We must elect Democratic Congressional Representatives and Democratic Senators to aid Obama in implementing his policies. It is not enough to just vote for the man with the vision, but we must also put in place people who support that vision and the visionary! I President Obama should not have to do all the heavy lifting! It is our responsibility to give him some help! It isimperative that we elect enough Democrats to regain control of the House of Representatives and MAINTAIN control of the Senate. Hello Endangered Middle Class America, ARE YOU LISTENING?!! It is only by the regaining and maintaining control of Congress and The White House can we thwart and undo the grievous damage inflicted upon our beloved nation.
The Republicans are masters of distraction! Their current strategy is to portray Obama as a promise breaker and that he has not kept his campaign promises. But what they don't tell you is that every promise he has attempted to keep, promises ranging from from rescuing the economy to delivering jobs, the Republican Party has thwarted, obstructed, if not down right killed! Divided government does not work if one faction of that government are zealous extremists who would destroy our beloved country to win an ideological point. Remember the Debt Ceiling Crisis and how perilously close the Republican Tea Party Congressional officials brought us to defaulting on our national debt which would have destroyed our economy and plunged the world into a global depression. This unnecessary political posturing resulted in the downgrading of America's credit rating. Moreover, the Republican Party has the audacity and malevolent cunning to blatantly lie and falsely attribute this debacle to Obama. An anonymous writer who wrote under the pseudonym General R. Never said, " People deserve the government they permit!" Furthermore, if we do not WAKE UP and vote in our own best interests by voting for OBAMA and other Democrats then we, the Endangered Middle Class, deserve the inevitable pain, misery, heartache and death that will surely come as the Republican Party pulls the plug on us. I don't know about you, but I don't plan on "going gently into that good night." I'm going to vote for every good democrat I can find!
About Global Author Terry Angel Mason
Terry Angel Mason is an internationally renowned author, columnist, keynote speaker, poet, singer, songwriter, minister, and Civil Rights activist who currently resides is Southern California. He is the author of three popular titles, Love Won't Let Me Be Silent, They Say That I am Broken, and The Dream Keeper, set to be released in 2012. A revered leader and global change agent, Terry Angel Mason's mission is to inspire, educate and empower millions around the world, and promote love and acceptance for all people. A highly sought after author and activist, Mason has been featured in (Lee Bailey's) eurweb.com, Healthy Black Men, The East County Magazine, Five (5) Magazine, Whosoever Magazine, SGL Weekly Magazine, Outword Magazine, The NBJC Newsletter, The Advocate, Frontier Magazine, Broadway World, The Windy City Times Newspaper, New Pittsburgh Courier, New England Informer, Our Weekly Magazine, Out Impact, The San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Times, The San Diego Union Tribune, ME Magazine, POZ Magazine, The New Civil Rights Online Magazine, A&U Magazine, Religious Tolerance, Marriage Equality International, Homorazzi, BN&S News Commentary, Real Health Magazine, Q Magazine, MSNBC News Vine, ILGA, Out Military Online Magazine, Proud Parenting Web Magazine, Fuse Magazine, Echelon Magazine, The Bay Area Reporter, Connextions Magazine, and in many other publications.
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